The Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization is by far one of the most important process that every website needs to do to attract visitors. The importance of SEO cannot be overstated.  SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is the art of analyzing and constructing of a website in such a way that search engine spiders can scan and index the pages.  Also  the importance of SEO in the digital marketing arena stands unchanged and unchallenged. SEO-Prices-and-SEO-PackagesToday there are more than 1 billion Google searches performed every day with 94 percent of those searchers clicking on organic search results rather than paid search results.

Internet marketing is vital to all businesses.  It is a must for every business, especially if it aspires to be a leader on its field. Search Engine Marketing is the forum where you can discuss various tips and strategies to market your website and how to secure a top spot in major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that includes optimizing your web contents so that they are visible on search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is, simply put, the technique of making a certain website more popular to the search engine crawlers which are ranking every webpage according to the keywords or phrases provided by web browsers.  A specialist in optimization has a wide breadth of knowledge regarding what drives a successful website.




What’s the Difference between a brand and a Design?

Too many start-up businesses on lines confuse a web branding with the web designer. In this article we going to attempt to break down each section.



The web design consists of the physical elements of a webpage. These elements are the header, body, footer. Everything place into a website is place within these three sections. Within the header you may find a menu a logo or whatever the webpage designer decides. Within the body below most commonly find text images videos may be are right and left sidebar. Andtxt within the footer become refined links to terms and conditions privacy policies trust badges etc.

These all elements that make up the design of your webpage they are not restricted to their sections as we can have trust badges in the header and a logo in the footer out of it is very unusual to see so. The design elements of a website are critical for usability but when it comes to the style the look and feel of these elements then we begin to cross over into our brand.



Many people are not satisfied with the performance and conversion rate of the current website as a result the first thing they do is hire someone to build the new website. 97% of the time if your site is not in achieving its goals the design may be okay but the branding may not declare. Elements of the brand are color scheme, images, font and all style and visual aspects and give life to a website.

ooo_writer.textSometimes to increase conversions we running a website with a little style and flavor can work magic. Great Tim for new blogs small sites is during the holidays try to decorate your website with a little holiday cheer. Larger companies will also send you welcome cards, customized emails and bonuses/gifts. All of these are part of the site’s overall brand and ultimately produce satisfied and repeat customers

What’s the difference between web Design web Developments?

A common mistake new businesses on the web me is the associate web design and development to mean the same thing. However the difference is quite distinct and while mixing the two together can be dangerous proper knowledge will lead to success online.


Web design

Web design is the process of drafting and coding the actual design of a website. This process is done by web designers who implement the codes HTML, PHP, and other popular codes runto generate your website. A web designer but also be individual responsible for customizing any templates on your CMS such as WordPress or magento. In general web design process is limited to code work, design and rarely augmentation and customization of your site.


Web development

Web developer with better be associated as an online business development. The web development process is a diverse and complex one that requires an individual or company being case in all aspects of site development.


Many businesses underestimate the development process because they are under the assumption the process ends after the design phase. However the web development process continues after the design is created and launched on the web. It’s the job web developer to ensure that this site is designed successfully to effectively achieve its purpose. Also which makeweb developer is responsible for ensuring ongoing maintenance to website?


Another term for web developer is a web business manager. By approaching a website to be more than a catalog online but a functioning business entity an entrepreneur will be lines and managing the site is an important process in the global development of their business. It is in fact that the design of the website will affect its performance however the development strategy for the website will outline the expectations and goals for the site. The development process ensures that a website achieves its goals in all of his aspects.

The importance of dynamic content and what is dynamic content in SEO

In general, the content that changes frequently and engages the readers is named as dynamic content and the contents are stored in database, not on the page. With the dramatic move of technology people need to maintain and update their websites faster and easier than before. Not for the administrators, this is also very convenient for the visitors too. So, dynamic content is the demand of the time.

Content is fully separated from design in this dynamic system and the design is stored in a separate file which is linked to every pages of the website so that it need not design the same SEO-Prices-and-SEO-Packagesthing for each page. For this, not only the administrators can handle the settings and contents quite easily but also people will get a user friendly editor. So, this system puts control over the content of a website into the hand of owner and decreases the dependence on others to manage it.

Today, dynamic content page load is also good because of its ability to create cached pages. Although the initial investment of dynamic website is a little bit more than static website, the cost will make up in the time when it’s the time to update and maintain. Again, huge numbers of plugins and add-ons can be used in this system. So, in the sense of cost and faster page load dynamic content is always a better option.

Because of the same content in most of the pages search engines dislike this. But, today this problem for SEO can also be minimized by the use of some tactics. Displaying the dynamic pages as static pages in the eye of search engine spider such as .htm this problem can be fixed. Again, some webmasters set up systems of creating a permanent page for specific content when search engine crawls the website and this is very much efficient for long tail keywords.

Because of its far more diversity dynamic content takes the place of static content today. WordPress, Facebook, Google etc. are the good example of that.

What should you be thinking when planning a new website?

Today it seems like anything that we want can be found online. to certain extent this is actually the truth. As a new entrepreneur looking to establish and create a new website you may be wondering how do you enter into such a competitive arena and still be able to be successful and make a difference. In this article I will review some tips that I have learned over the years designing and building websites for individuals and companies across the globeand would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

What is your websites purpose?

Every website should have a purpose. Before I meet with any customer the first thing I do is establish their goals, their objectives and expectations for their new website. My advice to you is to question your idea. What is the purpose of the website that you have in mind? Ask yourself who is going to be using the website and what do you expect them to do once they’ve logged on. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with technology today and focus on elements that are not essential to what it is you’re offering and design the website that is of no volume to yourself or to your target market.

I use me and Shaw that every website has a minimum of three objectives and a maximum of five. These top level objectives will determine all of the steps taken to design and layout of website. The objectives givespurpose and design is usually built to accommodate purpose. Whenever you design a website without first establishing the purpose of that site you will waste a lot of time and a lot of money.


What is your budget?

I cannot tell you how many people approach me and say they want a website, when we get into questioning about this site I learned that many people do not have a budget in mind. Designing the website is like starting a new business. You should always have an established budget. Not only for the development but also for the ongoing maintenance and management of your website.

A website budget the very depending on your industry and your organization but it will give you insight as to how much you looking to spend and where you can spend your Resources. It is dangerous to embark on a journey without the proper provisions. Do not be like many people who invest all of their available resources into the design a website and not have any To market and promote would be spent so much time and energy Developing.

Gather data at every stage of the game.

And the digital environment data is the only thing that truly matters. The pictures you have on your website I’ll contact and if you don’t know how that’s affecting people it doesn’t really have a purpose. The only way to ensure all that you investment is successful or effective is to have some mechanism to gather data and be able to review and assess how effectively your website has achieved its objectives or is working to achieve them.

Google analytics is an invaluable tool that every website should have. Also there are many other paid tools that will allow you to view visits in real time or be able to give you data and information about each specific visit that will allow you to make more informed decisions on your website. If you’re just getting started speak with others in your industry see if you can get some of their analytical data or speak with Consultants about where you can find the data that would be of value to you. Never ever make an investment without ensuring that you can you can get feedback insome form to be able to make regular assessments.

Build relationships
In business the only thing that really and truly matters are the customers and the relationships that you build with them. Your website should be a tool that allows you to build relationships with your customers. Whether you are informing them about your organization or selling a product or service you should be building relationships. Focus on how your website can be of value to current and potential customers and as a result you will build a relationship with that visitor to keep them coming back to your website.

Do what your clients see on your website matters?

How your website looks affects its effectiveness. Gone are the days when you can type up some information about yourself or your organization and uploaded to the World Wide Web and everything will be just fine. Today web visitors have higher expectations for your website and shorter attention spans. As a website owner you have to ensure that your website is designed in such a way that you captured the attention convey your message and indicate a call to action quickly before you lose the interest of your website visitors.Can you afford to not have a website?

Not only do you have to have something to say but you’re website has to look good while you saying It. You can provide the best service also the best product in the world but someone of never seen your company or have never done business with you doesn’t know that. They’re going to judge you by the way your website looks, fields and by the voice and Messages projected from the content on your website.

Many new start up Internet entrepreneurs quickly sacrifice quality for cost which will hurt their business in the long run. Ensure that you not only invest enough money but also enough time when designing a website. You need to in sure that your organization’s vision and Brand is properly incorporated into the design and concepts behind your website. For this reason I strongly advise that you spent time with experienced, qualified and talented website design consultant to ensure that you’re not wasting money and more importantly time with the wrong team for your business needs.

Great you made your first dollar online now what?

Now that you have successfully generated your first dollar online, what’s the next step? A very common mistake that Estart Internet business entrepreneurs make is the get comfortable after they have made the first dollar. On the contrary now that you made something And have some level of return on your investment, comfort should be the farthest thing from your mind

The reality is that first you made could very well and then by mistake. Maybe a friend or family took pity on you and bought something from your website. Whatever the case may be whether it was a beta purchase or a legitimate transaction the next step is one that will determine the long-term success of your website.

As an Internet entrepreneur. You should always have long-term goals in mind when building a web-based business. After making your first dollar on the Internet you should assess your goals and determine how long it took you. what have you invested to be able to make what you did? Review the data. In the Internet world data and the ability to interpret it will determine how successful you are And How quickly you can scale your business.